Roost Resort

Roost Resort History:

Our property has tremendous history. Back in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s the property was used for mining exploration. The shower/bath house that stands today is the original home first built on the property.  In 1947 the first A-Frame cabin was constructed followed by 4 more shortly thereafter, forming cabins 1-5 which was known then as “Tweedy’s place”.  The blacktop road that leads you into the property was the original Highway 16A during that time.  Cabins 6 & 7 were added a few years later and “Tweedy’s Place” was sold and renamed “The Buzzards Roost.  Ole Buzz ran the Roost for several years before selling it off.  Once he sold the property, the new owners re-named it The Roost Resort and the name still stands to this day.  In the early 1980’s, the RV park was built along with cabin #8 and the park overlooks the permanent camp #3 of Lt/Col Custer during his 1872 encampment. In the early 1990’s both of the secluded cabins were added to the property.  One thing that is remarkable, through multiple generations, The Roost Resort has always been a MA/PA operation.  All the work is done by just the 2 of us. 

We were happy to purchase this gem of a property in 2018. Our main house/office area that we live in now was built in 2010. We are full time residents here in Custer and in the off season, when we are not hosting guests, we are always finding ways of improving the property.  There is constant staining and painting to do and the cabins are always being improved on.  Currently we are expanding our property so that it will allow us to grow and raise our own food.  The green house has been constructed along with the chicken coupe.  More fencing has been added and pretty soon you will see some more critters running around on the property.  (No, Lincoln, our current pet pig is not on the food menu..LOL)

Thank you for visiting and allowing us to host your vacation. 

Blessings to all,

Shelah & Tom

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We are located 1.5 miles EAST of the town of Custer on Highway 16A (Mt Rushmore Rd)  Drive as if you were headed into Custer State park and were located on top of the hill. 

ALERT NOTICE: We would like to bring awareness to the tree disease situation from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.  Firewood can contain invasive insects and diseases that can kill trees.  We ask that you please do not bring your own firewood across state lines.  We appreciate your help in the prevention of tree disease.  Firewood which has been harvested locally is available for sale here at the Roost Resort.